About LOIC


LOIC is a network stress testing tool for simulating and testing peaks on various services.
It is meant only for testing how your servers cope with many requests and under heavy load and how your server does respond to several (D)DOS ((Distributed) Denial Of Service - Attacks).
Nevertheless it is assumed, that you own the servers you are testing!


Public Domain - Feel free to do what ever you want with this.


The first known to mankind version of LOIc was created by Praetox on SF
NewEraCracker adopted it and added HiveMind to it and made some bugfixes / adoptions to the original source.
After version BeSquare joined in and made some contributions.

Found a Bug? - Can has Feature? - This Help suckx?

Feature-requests should be made in NewEraCracker's Tracker
Bugs in the Beta (ONLY the BETA!) or this Help can also reported at BeSquare's Fork
plz don't aks for SYN-Flooder! - that simply does NOT work on Windows!


This tool is released for educational purposes only and comes with no warranty at all.
None of the authors or contributors can be held responsible for any action taken by the users of this tool!