How to Laz0r for Newfags

Hello comrade!

You have decided to provide your Laz0r to an OP for great justice and more lulz.
Because you are a newfag the ubertrollz in the missioncontrol provided you with either an IRC-address or an URL to hand your helm over to the HiveMind.

Connect to the HiveMind IRC

Put the address of the irc-server in the field labeled with "IRC server" at the top.
In most cases you don't need to change the standard port or the channel. Select "FUCKING HIVE MIND" and you are done!

Right to the irc-options is the current status of your HiveMind connection, if it says "Controlled by topic", "Waiting" or "Connected" you are all set.

Use OverLord

If your OP has no IRC-Channel or gets constantly b& and is moving a lot, MC will most likely provide you with an URL for OverLord. Put this URL in the field under the IRC server right next to "Damn OverLord". Hopefully the ubertrollz told you if you should check "Up?" or not - if not leave it as is. In the field "Interval:" you can specify (in minutes) how often this is rechecked.

If the status on the right says: "Done! Waiting for next Update.." you are all set!

Please check out the switches section and the basic GUI explanation.